Tips To Help You Avoid Self-Storage Scams


Are looking forward to selling your self-storage facility? For you to successfully sell your self-storage facility, you will need the help of a genuine self-storage agent. The Internet came with a lot of benefits but also came along with several drawbacks one being the increased cases of fraud and scams. The self-storage industry is not excluded in this either. Don't worry though because Central Penn Group got you covered. They are one of the most reliable and legit self-storage agents you can get around the eastern US and even beyond. They are committed to getting a fair win-win solution for you a self-storage facility seller through their constant adherence to ethics and honesty.

Getting a genuine self-storage agent like the Central Penn group is not as easy as it might sound. You need to have a clear knowledge and understanding of how everything in the self-storage industry operates. So, to help you find good and Trustable Self-Storage Agents, we have prepared a rundown of simple tips that should help you identify a scam in the self-storage business/industry.

1. Enticing Offers
"When the deal is s good, think twice". This is a saying that many scam victims fail to adhere to. Mark you that a scammer will always come to you with a sweet and irresistible offer that will get you into their trap. Always, be on the watch for these self-storage agents that will come to you with appetizing offers. They always use the things that they are sure you need. When something sounds unrealistic to you, take your time and ask questions concerning the agent.

2. View their portfolio
Genuine self-storage agents will most likely have their previous achievements and client testimonials put up on their websites for the new clients to refer from. If a self-storage company doesn't have an official website/portfolio, you should be careful with the way you do business with them lest you end up getting duped.

3. Selling your properties for a low price
Most scams will list your Self-Storage Facilities For Sale at a very low price. Watch out for this type of fraud that undervalues your property. They will most likely do that for they have no strings attached to the properties. They are always centered on making money under all possible means.

4. Do you research
It's always good to do thorough research on the agent you wish to work with. Confirm if they are genuine or not. This can be found on their websites and portfolios. If they don't have a website, try to consult their previous clients and see what they have to say about the self-storage agent in question.

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