Social Media Marketing for Your Self Storage Facility


Unless you've been living under a rock for the last number of years, you understand that social media has become an important part of most marketing efforts for companies and service providers around the globe. It's also an important way to boost your internet presence and also help with your "search engine optimization" for your website. But you may be wondering what's important and what's not as far as social media? We're including some tips for your self storage social media sites below:


This might be the most popular social media platform of all with almost 2.5 BILLION users every month. Facebook makes it extremely easy to create a "page" for your self storage facility and the initial work can be done in about 15 minutes or less. Once you have it set up, your Facebook page can be used for a variety of things.

First, you can advertise your specials via facebook. You can do this for free to your followers by merely posting a status update or sponsor the post to share to an even larger audience of potential customers that may not even be aware of your self storage property. Boosting these types of posts can typically be done very cheaply and can provide a low cost way to build awareness about your business.

Next, you can use this as a way to collect reviews from customers. Because so many people have a facebook account, it can be an easy and very visible means of collecting reviews to influence future customers. Make sure that you're checking these reviews often and respond to as many as you can whether they're positive or negative. If your self storage facebook page gets a negative review, make sure you reach out to the customer and work to see if you can resolve any issues they might have had.

Google My Business

Google My Business is actually your official google information site for your business, but also has aspects of social media such as the ability to do posts. You can update customers on what's going on at your business whether it's specials, deals, weather related issues, or anything else important. This is where you can also update all of the information about your facility for Google like your hours, location and website.

Since Google is the most powerful search engine on the planet, Google My Business has big "pull" for SEO from Google's point of view. They like to see that your business is active, so make sure you're keeping the information up to date and posting on a regular basis to bump your self storage facility up in the rankings.

It's important to note that you need to "claim" your Google My Business listing. In order to do this they will send you a postcard in order to verify your property address and you must submit the code on the back once it's received.


Twitter is likely not as important for your self storage business as Facebook or Google. That said, it can still be wise to have a Twitter profile as it's the preferred social network of many Millennials. While Millennial customers likely won't make a decision based on this, it will give your self storage business some clout as far as being a facility that's open to embracing technology which resonates with that generation.

Twitter can be used to update users just like the other social media networks, but it can also function more like real time communication between you and your customers. If your customer is at your self storage facility and having issues, or perhaps they notice that something is wrong, they can "tweet" your account and you'll get a notification in real time.

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